Steve Poole performing in 2014Here’s a list of 'most of' the songs I perform or have been known to perform! There may be others and I keep thinking of them and adding them to my list. It may be that I’ve simply forgotten to put your favourite song on here. Just ask me – or I might even learn it!

I can tailor my programme to suit your needs. Popular themes include The Great American Songbook, Vintage 50s R & R, Cheesy 60s, Classic Crooners, Acoustic Rock and singer/songwriter contemporary Folk.

Many of the songs may be familiar to you – apart from the Folk ones. Folk, or acoustic roots music, is my passion and I have been involved with the Folk scene all through my musical life. There are so many fantastic writers and musicians who few people may have heard of, and I like to perform their songs and spread the word.

For convenience I have categorised the songs by genre.

 StandardsPop/Rock/Country/SoulRock & RollSea Songs | Folk